‘Where did my images go?’

‘I changed a drive and now I have question marks all over the place!’

‘Help, I have a blank catalog!’

Those are but a few of the questions that pop up in my inbox on a regular basis.

And even if – in all the time you’ve been working with Lightroom – you’ve managed to avoid these problems, chances are you’re still not taking full advantage of all the cool things you can do in the Library module like…

  • searching for your favourite images
  • optimizing your folder structure
  • organizing your photos into Collections and Smart Collections
  • speeding up your workflow with Publish Services
  • working with multiple catalogs and/or computers
  • traveling with Lightroom Classic

There’s no shortage of Lightroom courses out there, but most (if not all) of them cover the topics of the Library module, Importing and Exporting only briefly and quickly move on to the much ‘sexier’ Develop Module.

And that’s exactly why I created this course ‘Lightroom Library: Beyond the Basics’. Because let’s face it: no one ever ruined their Lightroom Catalog because they added too much Clarity to an image. And no one ever lost all their images because they applied a Graduated Filter that wasn’t soft enough.

But the Library Module? That’s where things can go wrong. Horribly wrong. But they needn’t. The Library Module can actually be just as much fun as the Develop Module, if you know what you’re doing. And, after watching ‘Lightroom Library Beyond the Basics’, you will know what you’re doing, and you will also be able to dramatically improve and speed up your workflow… so you can either spend more time in that cool Develop Module… or more time shooting!

Through eleven chapters and a bonus chapter, packed with practical advice, this tutorial covers everything you need to know, and it sets you up for success, whether you’re planning on working only with a hundred images or a hundred thousand.

Even if you’re already using Lightroom for a while, but never took any real structured training — bar the occasional YouTube video — I bet you will gain a lot of new insights from this tutorial.

Become a Lightroom catalog ninja!

✔︎ learn a fast & failsafe way to importing images

✔︎ understand what a Lightroom Catalog really is

✔︎ discover my tried and true best practices for file and folder management

✔︎ speed up your workflow with Collections, Smart Collections, Publish Services and Export Plug-ins like LR/Mogrify

✔︎ learn how to effortlessly use Lightroom Classic on more than one computer

✔︎ this course is streamable and fully downloadable. Buy it now and watch it when you like, where you like and for as long as you like!

What you'll learn in this course:

✔︎ How to get your images into Lightroom in no time

I’ll show you how to use a new workflow that is dramatically faster than the ones most courses recommended a couple of years ago.

✔︎ How to shoot in a studio with Lightroom connected to your computer (tethered shooting)

Tired of judging composition and sharpness on that tiny camera LCD? How ‘bout connecting your camera to your computer and immediately see - and even work on - the images you just captured in their full glory. I’ll even show you a way to do this when your camera itself isn’t supported by Lightroom’s default tethering options.

✔︎ Organize your images

By using keywords and ratings

✔︎ Cull your best work

By using Compare View and Survey Mode, two of Lightroom’s lesser-known yet extremely handy Library View Modes

✔︎ Bring order into chaos

Overwhelmed by thousands of images on your hard drive? Organise them like a pro with my tried-and-tested workflow. Learn to use Collections and Smart Collections to effortlessly master your growing photo library. I promise you that with the tools I teach you, managing your images almost becomes more fun than editing them!

✔︎ Share your work with friends, clients… or the the world!

Leverage Lightroom’s Export and Email functionality to quickly send copies of your images without the hassle

✔︎ Discover the power of the LR/Mogrify plug-in

Add borders to your images or put a caption under them when you’re ready to send them off to your friends or clients. By default, Lightroom can’t do this but I’ll show you a cheap yet powerful way to do so. Mogrify is really a must-have Lightroom plug-in yet almost no Lightroom courses mention it. Probably not sexy enough :-)

✔︎ Work with multiple catalogs and computers

Lightroom is really designed to work with just one catalog and one computer. I’ll show you how you can combine multiple catalogs into one or do the opposite: split off a part of a catalog. I’ll also show you the method I’ve personally been using over the past ten+ years to work with Lightroom on multiple computers. This workflow is ideal if you’re traveling a lot, or you’re just finding yourself often switching between a desktop and a laptop. If you have to run Lightroom on more than one computer, these chapters alone are probably worth your investment in the course.

✔︎ Take advantage of Publish Services

Publish Services are another one of those great Lightroom features that don’t get the attention they deserve. Basically a crossover between Collections and the Export dialog, they let you set up entire workflows, from publishing books to having your latest work displayed (and updated) on a remote screen in a shop window… Publish Services are one of the most interesting advanced Lightroom features

Lightroom Library: Beyond the Basics | Course Curriculum

Below is an overview of the course content of Lightroom Library: Beyond the Basics. I’ve also made the entire first video available as a free preview to give you an idea of the course.

And don’t forget. I stand by my training and I offer a 15 day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk at all in trying out the course.

In fact… your biggest risk is probably to try and figure out the Lightroom Catalog and how Lightroom works all by yourself, without any form of training at all...

Start watching right away. No periodic fees. No membership. Pay once, stream or download and watch forever!

'I don’t typically call out courses as being a favorite among others, but I am today. Piet has put together a brilliant program that will “lift the veil” on Lightroom and turn your workflow into the streamlined powerhouse it was meant to be.'

— Lightroom- & Photoshop guru Chris O'Donnell - creativeRAW

Here's what you get...

✔︎ 11 videos, over four hours of cutting-edge Lightroom tutorials

✔︎ 1 bonus video: Lightroom Back-up Bootcamp

✔︎ One of the most comprehensive Lightroom Library tutorials on the planet

✔︎ Streaming + downloadable course. No membership required. Pay once and watch forever

✔︎ and… a 15-day money-back guarantee

Start watching right away. No periodic fees. No membership. Pay once, stream or download and watch forever!