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✔︎ Learn Photoshop from the perspective of a Lightroom user.

✔︎ Don’t waste time learning Photoshop techniques for things that you already know how to do in Lightroom.

✔︎ Focus on those techniques where Photoshop really shines, like selections, masking, working with layers, …

✔︎ Improve your workflow dramatically by knowing when to go to Photoshop and when to simply… stay in Lightroom

Here's what you get

✔︎ 7 hours of training content, divided into 27 videos

✔︎ Exercise files for most case-studies so you can follow along

✔︎ Frequency Separation action that will save you hours of work

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Course overview

There’s no shortage of Photoshop courses out there, but almost all of them focus on Photoshop from the perspective of someone who does not use Lightroom at all. This means that a lot of information in those courses is either redundant (you don’t need Photoshop to brighten the Shadows in an image – you’ve got Lightroom’s Shadows slider for that) or downright missing, like information on how exactly to go from Lightroom to Photoshop and back.

Because there’s a couple of ways: you can edit directly, edit as a Smart Object and then there’s also Open As Layers. And what do you do when you want to re-edit an already edited file? I will show you all about this, including a couple of potential caveats, in ‘Photoshop for Lightroom users’.

Every video is self-contained, which means you can watch them in any order you like, although I suggest watching videos one through three first.

Don't take my word for it, though. Watch the free sample videos, and you'll immediately know whether this course can be of value for you.

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Excellent pace and very clear exposition

– Roger

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– Mary

The course material is explained in a logical manner with an appropriate mix of theoretical and practical explanation

– Seinberg

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